moonlight and rose'

Moonlight and Rose’




 ~ Moonlight and Rose’ ~  
*Saturday, April 22nd, from 7 – 9:30 pm*

Venture to downtown Springfield for an April evening of fun creation and creation of fun! Paint with us and explore your inner artist – and pARTier!

On April 22nd, we’ll be painting a brand new Vino and Vango work, “Moonlight and Rose’ “; a gorgeous work that features an interior scene: A window sill, upon which sits a glass of rose’ and a flickering votive. Beyond the window pane hangs the full moon; sweet springtime cherry blossoms bask in its radiance.  Very peaceful and serene.

Hang your window in to this sweet fairy world year-round, as it warms the walls of your home… Or, make it a gift! (..Paintings – or painting parties! – make a great gift!)

Don’t worry – it’s MUCH easier than you think! Canvases are sketched on to help you out, and your artist instructor will guide you every step of the way! You can make as many artistic choices as YOU like, of course. You’ll be pARTying with us at the same time  you’re learning about brush strokes and color application. It’s truly a blast!

You are welcome to bring your favorite snacks, wine, beer, or cider – or anything non-alcoholic if  you choose. Per OLCC regulations, we’ll open and pour any adult beverages for you. Relax, eat, sip, and laugh while you bring out your inner artist. Then, leave with the best party favor ever ~ a masterpiece, by your own hand!

Vino & Vango’s beautiful art studio is located at 236 Main Street, Springfield, Oregon. See you soon!

Should you feel so inclined, our artist instructors are happy to accept tips!

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Event Details

Date: 22 April 2017

Start time: 19:00

End time: 21:30

Venue: Vino and Vango