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PRIVATE PARTY BOOKING :: Do you have a group of 8 or more people who would like to get together for a colorful, fun time of socializing, painting, and laughing... Maybe drinking a little Vino as you Vango along the way? Book an exclusive private party at our studio where you and your friends can gather, sip refreshments, and create a masterpiece to take home!  Everyone paints the same thing at the same time. The results are amazing!  Check out our Class Photos - see for yourself! And if you've been pARTying with us before.. Well, then, you just might - SEE yourself!

Booking Your Party:

Simply click on the blue button, below (or - HERE - though we recommend perusing this page), where you'll put down your deposit. Never fear! Your deposit will wind up being your seat at your party (see DEPOSIT, below). Once that's taken care of, you'll find yourself on the Private Party Request page where you'll enter and submit all the information we need to secure your booking and build your party.

Choose the painting you want to do from our gallery, or from class photos if something tickles your fancy there that may be currently out of circulation. If you don't know what you want to paint - or need to take a vote first? No worries! Just put "TBD" in for your painting, and let us know 3-4 days before your party so we may schedule the best artist instructor for you. It's best to secure your spot quickly and figure out the painting later should you be undecided.

Private Parties can be held just about any date and time based on availability. Check out our calendar for dates and times that will work for you. We have opened our sister business next door, the Malerische Galerie, so we now have THREE beautiful studio spaces enabling us book three (onsite) parties at a time!

Once you make an "approved" paid reservation for a private party, your party page will be created by our staff, the link sent to you, and your party will appear on our website calendar. This will happen within a MAXIMUM of two business days of your request, though typically the same, possibly the next, business day.

The link will be sent to you so that you may forward it to all of your guests, enabling super easy registration for YOUR pARTy!

Book Your Party Now


The deposit is used to hold the date, time, and space for your party. The deposit (and nothing else) will be charged on your card at the time of booking, and it will cover your party registration (as the "organizer"). If the minimum of 8 painters is not met, you may be charged the difference.  If you are uncertain you can meet the 8 minimum, please consider bringing your group into any of our many Open Classes we schedule each month. 


Standard Priced Private Parties cost $40 per person, and require a **minimum of 8 painters. They are approximately 2 - 2.5 hrs long. Off - Site Parties are typically $50 per person; please connect with us first for off - site party booking. We need to confirm OLCC compliance, etc., for any off - site locations.

**if less than 8 painters attend, the organizer will be charged to make up the difference. If you have less than 8, please consider bringing your group to one of our many Open Classes scheduled each month.

Guests MAY pay at the door as long as we know, in advance, that they are coming. We reserve the right to charge a $5 per person "surprise guest" fee. We encourage you to have your invitees pay online to ensure your minimum required for a Private Party.

Please try to coordinate your party according to the number of guests anticipated in your original private party request - or, let us know ASAP if things have changed. We are happy to accommodate changes . . . life happens!! 


  • ANY and ALL approved refunds will be made within 48 hours AFTER a party.
  • ANY and ALL additional charges owed will be made the day of the event.

The above mentioned transactions will be made through our website or payment processor to the organizer of the private party; or as is appropriate, to individuals who paid via the site or by phone under their own name. It will be up to the organizer to disperse individual transactions when applicable.  This process has been put in place to ensure transaction accuracy. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation!


Our main studio gallery seats 32 painters, while our new "Studio 2" seats 18.  Our new sister business, the Malerishe Galerie, seats 15. Large parties may reserve two - or all three! - spaces for extra large events. 

We Provide It All for Your Party!

All you need to bring is food and beverages (alcoholic or non), your friends, and your smile!  Please, beer/wine only, no liquor.

We provide the 16 x 20 canvas, easel, brushes, paints, apron, studio, and a talented artist to lead you through creating your own masterpiece!  

We also provide a buffet table with corkscrews, ice buckets for cold beverages, wine cups, paper plates, eating utensils, and napkins.  ...Everything you need for your party's buffet set up!

Forgot your wine? We have a small selection available for purchase by the glass for $5.

Cancellation Policy for Private Parties:

To be eligible for a full credit for deposit and registration fees for organizer and guests, cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the day of the party.

If the organizer cancels with less than 24 hours notice, the organizer deposit will be forfeited to Vino and Vango.  Any guest registration fees will be credited toward future classes or parties. 

No Shows

No-shows will not be entitled to any credit.

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