Cork Hat Society Book Club


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Wednesday, May 17th, 5:30 – 8pm

Cork Hat Society Book Club!

Join us for the “Cork Hat Society Book Club” (private) pARTy. You’re sure to have a “colorful” time out on the town in Vino & Vango’s beautiful art studio located at 236 Main Street, Springfield, Oregon.

Relax, Sip, Laugh!

You are welcome to bring your own wine, beer, cider… Also, bring snacks, soda, juice, cake, balloons – what have you!


But wait! …There’s no more! *We* do the rest; we’ll stock the buffet and beverage tables with ice to chill drinks, cups, plates, utensils, napkins, bowls for chips… And even a cake knife!


Please allow us to open and pour any adult beverages for you, per OLCC regulations. We are more than happy to do this. …There’s never any corking fee!


Tips for our artist instructors – slash – adult beverage pour-ers are always appreciated – should you be so inspired. 🙂

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