Couch Potato Pet Night!


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* Paint Your Pet *
Extreme Couch Potato Edition!
Tuesday ~ July  17th
6 – 9 PM

*         *         *         *         *
Join us to Paint and pARTy at Vino & Vango’s beautiful art studio, located at 236 Main Street, in Springfield, Oregon!
*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

What a great opportunity to honor the pet in our lives! Or maybe a past pet still living in our hearts. The least we could do is hand craft a token of appreciation in their image. You know… for all that unconditional love they give. Plus, it’s no secret that our mini-beasts are the ones who actually own us! So we should probably do as they wish.

You can create a great portrait of your fur baby, chillin’ on his/her, (but not your) couch.. Please see the instructions below in order for us to prepare a unique/specialized pet template for each and every one of you!


1. Get a few photos of your pet. They can be in lounging, standing, or even sleeping positions. Just keep in mind we’ll be painting them on a couch. Also, please get full-body pictures of your cuties.

2. Email us, THREE great images of your pet to [email protected]. Please write COUCH POTATO in the subject line.  

* Uncork * Unwind * Have Fun With It *

We will choose one of your three images, enlarge and simplify it, then sketch it onto your canvas. Everyone will paint the same couch background, but your palette will have the specific colors for your pet. We’ll leave out unnecessary detail, but you will definitely recognize your pet in your painting! We must have your images emailed to us no later than 5 pm on Monday, July 16th.

* Relax * Sip * Laugh * Paint *

Bring your favorite snacks & beverages ~ adult &/or otherwise; wine, cheese & crackers, beer, mini tacos, cider, soda, popcorn,  juice, cake… Go Nuts!

Come join the fun – We’ll see you there!


In stock

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