Far East Moon


Sunday, May 28

Paint your own Asian – inspired, “Far East Moon”. You’ll love it graciously decorating your dining / kitchen / living room / bar area / bedroom / study!

Check out the image on this page to see how a class did this with a SWAN instead of a moon.. Everyone did an epic job!

“Far East Moon” is a Vino and Vango  fave – And a fantastic gift! (The holiday season IS upon us, officially – and we’ve got your gift, whether it’s the

painting you give or the class itself.)

REMINDER :: We have GIFT CERTIFICATES available, too!  🙂

We will guide you all the way through – don’t worry, it’s *so* much easier than you think~! Canvases are sketched on to help out… “No ExperienceAllowed!” (That’s not altogether true.. If you’ve got experience, you’re more than welcome, of course…)

Bring food, wine, beer… Snacks, etc., as you wish … Our artist will be taking time to pour your adult beverages for you, too.

Come join the fun – We’ll see everyone there!

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