Hen and Chicks ~ Video!


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Hen and Chicks ~ Video!
Swing by our studio to pick up your supplies. We’ll send you the link and you’ll be painting in no time!
12″x 16″ Canvas

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Join us to Paint and pARTy… Remotely, from the comfort of your own space! You choose the Time, the Place and the Dress Code. A great custom made activity for you.

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* Ready To Paint *

Paint Along orders will be ready for pick up:
Thursday, Friday & Saturday
4 – 6:00 pm

Supplies include:
12″ x 16″ Canvas with sketched template
Paper Plate Palette
4″ x 6″ Image of the painting
YouTube Video Link

Brushes are not included with the painting supplies. Although, we do offer sets of 3 brushes for $15. These are brushes which we use most of the time. To pre-order a set, click RIGHT HERE.


* Uncork * Unwind * Have Fun With It! *

Your skilled artist instructor will guide you every  step of the way, demonstrating practiced techniques, as well as some tricks of the trade as you pARTy along. You can pause &/or rewind the video for breaks, or to see something you may have missed. No rush, paint at your own pace. Although, before you realize it, you’ll have created your own Masterpiece! … and Voilá, an artist is born!




…See you at the pARTy!


Paintings – and Painting Parties – make great GIFTS!

…and so do Painting pARTies!

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