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Join us on Thursday, January 26th from 6 til 8 pm to create Vino and Vango’s original work, our pretty, peaceful “Lotus”.

“Lotus” features, of course, a floating lotus flower; the water’s shimmery surface is brought to the foreground by a softly shaded sky. You’ll learn painting techniques and use the tools of the trade to create your very own “Lotus”; layering paint and mixing color to bring it to life. 

We will guide you all the way through – don’t worry, it’s *so* much easier than you think~! Canvases are sketched on to help you out! – And we’ll let you make as many artistic choices as you would like, of course.

(Seriously, don’t be intimidated! Our instructors know just how to make sure you’re comfortable and knowledgeable … painting your very own masterpiece!)

Bring food, wine, beer, sparkling cider, as you wish… Our artist instructor will be happy to (..must) pour your adult beverages for you, too. 🙂

Come join the fun – We’ll see everyone there!

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