Marbleized Eggs



We’ll be teaching the first of many specialized fine craft pARTies on April 12th from 6 – 7:30 pm with these marbled eggs – just in time to show off and gift for Easter!

Bring a dozen or eighteen hard-boiled eggs with you. We suggest mixing white and brown eggs; Arucana’s work great too, the soft greens/blue base color is already there! We will replicate nature’s colors, so plain white eggs….no problem.

We’re so excited to kick off a new series of fun and artful craft parties! These eggs look so natural and “nesty”, you’ll want to present them in a basket of straw or natural colored “grass”.

Bring food, wine, beer as you wish … Our instructor will be taking time to pour your adult beverages for you, too.

Come join the fun – We’ll see you there!

Hey, don’t forget… We have gift certificates available online! Just click here → GIFT CERTIFICATE!  You could also stop by our studio to say hi, and pick one up while you’re here.

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