Mermaid & Pirate Ship BUNDLE *TEST*


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Kids ART Camp
Monday, August 10 – Friday, August 15
10 am – 1 pm
We are still brainstorming this camp, and so far have several paintings, pirate ships, treasure chests and a mermaid dream catcher – )macrame` anyone)?
Hopefully, we have captured your budding artist’s attention with some of these projects, there are sure to be more, for sure!


Join us to paint and pARTy at Vino & Vango’s beautiful studio, located at 236 Main Street, in Springfield, Oregon!

Your Artist Instructor will expertly guide you through this piece; you’ll learn brushstrokes, color, and composition – even as you pARTy along! At evening’s end, you’ll bring home a masterpiece, made by your own hand. …An artist is born!

* Relax * Sip * Laugh * Paint *

Bring your favorite wine, beer, cider, snacks, soda, juice, cake, balloons… what have you! Don’t worry about the rest; we supply ice for chilling drinks, napkins, plates, cups, utensils, bowls for chips, tongs and more! Note: Please allow us to open and pour your adult beverages, per OLCC regulations. We are happy to do this. While those consuming alcohol must be over 21, all ages are welcome to attend Vino & Vango Painting pARTies!