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Art Camp!

Ages 10+ Years

* Mini Camp, MAJOR FUN! *

Monday  –  Thursday
August 14th  –  August 17th

Mon, Tues, Wed ~ 1 – 3:30 pm
Thursday ~ 1 – 4 pm

4 days of  flurried, frenzied, creativity!

*     *     *     *     *     *

TEEN MANGA Art Camp takes place at Vino & Vango’s beautiful art studio,
236 Main Street, in Springfield, Oregon!

*         *         *         *         *

* This One’s For The Teens & the Almost-s *

We aim to inspire, motivate & exercise their artistic sides. We will be posting updates and specs, projects, supplies needed, supplies provided, etc. Oh my goodness, we are so excited to offer a class in Manga, seemingly a prelude to Anime. Ask your kids, they’ll know, and will be so excited to join this class. Tailored especially for them!

River is going to be guiding the campers in how to create traditional (non-digital) manga panels from start to finish, and they will have a professional looking two – four page manga strip by the end of the camp date!

*     *     *     *     *

MANGA Curriculum

*  *  *  Day 1  *  *  * 

Sketchbook/supply handout
Goals and expectations
What is Manga? The history of it might interest you!
How to draw a face
How to draw facial expressions and MAMPU
Use of speech/thought/narrative boxes and bubbles

*   *   *  Day 2  *  *   * 

Working with ink/pen (6 different types of shading exercise)
Start storyboarding (a conversation, or interaction. Can be funny or serious)
Full body poses 
Start working on final project (we’ll have example MANGA)

*    *   *  Day 3  *   *   * 

Final projects
Watch an anime (Spy Family, Little Witch Academia, Fruits Basket, Howl’s Moving Castle)

*       *       *       *       *

Have your teens expand their interests into their artwork, with the globally popular storytelling art style of MANGA!


…See you at Camp!

Paintings – and Painting Parties – make great GIFTS!


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