Sand and Sea


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“Sand and Sea”

Saturday, July 22nd,  7 – 9 pm

You know the beautiful sandy cliffs at the coast, the way they drop in to the shore..? How nature is all gussied up in deep blue-greens, earthy umber tones; whitecaps pushing towards the reflective sand…? Well, it’s all here in “Sand and Sea”. We love this serenely classy piece as it portrays Mother Nature’s very own palette; here, without impede of man-made facility.

(Though you could add your own beach house or something else, of course… C’mon!


We will guide you all the way through – don’t worry, you’re in good hands~! Our instructors know just how to make sure you’re comfortable and knowledgeable, painting your very own masterpiece. There’ll even be guidelines sketched on your canvases in preparation for your arrival as needed. You’ll be learning brush stroke and color technique as you shade and hue your very own ‘scape.


The painting is great and all, but you know, it’ s all about the pARTy! You’ll have a great time sipping and laughing and eating the evening away. Too much fun is just enough! Bring your own food, sodas, juice, wine, cider, beer as you wish. …Our instructor will be taking time to open and pour adult beverages for you, too.


There’s NEVER any corking fee at Vino & Vango!


You don’t have to be 21 to paint with us at Vino and Vango! All ages are welcome!

(…Though we suggest 5 years plus, solely due to attention span). 


Come and join the fun – We’ll see you there!


Hey, don’t forget… We have gift certificates available online! Just click here → GIFT CERTIFICATES!  You could also stop by our studio, say hi, and pick one up while you’re here. 

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