Whale Migration Acrylic Pour


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Whale Migration Acrylic Pour
Wednesday ~ February 24rd
Two Separate Start Times:
6:30  pm
Check out this YouTube video!
*       *       *       *       *
Choose one of these start time options when you register. Then
on the checkout page, please tell us if you plan to meet friends
(who & how many).

~ Session I ~

In this first session, you will create your ocean & sky using the Acrylic Pour method. We’ll have 2 demonstrations, one per time slot. Everyone will have supplies at their own table and your canvas will stay overnight here to dry.
– please see video above –

~ Session II ~
 Come back in the next 2 days (Thurs. or Fri.) for the second session. This is when we will Add the Whales, Simply by Painting them onto your ocean background. An instructor will be present to lead you through and we will also have some whale stencils available to use. This time when your canvas is complete, you get to take it home with you! This part is offered on both,
February 25th & February 26

from 4 to 6:00 pm

*       *       *       *       *

Join us to Pour and pARTy at Vino & Vango’s beautiful art studio,
236 Main Street, in Springfield, Oregon!

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

* Fun * Social * Safe *

In order to maintain distancing, all start times will be staggered by 20 minutes according to friend groups, or those flying solo. We’ll have 2 stations prepped in the order of steps for this ‘Pour Process’. Each station will have an instructor to guide you through and onto the next.

* Laugh * Pour * Create *

Different from our Resin Pour classes, this is Acrylic Paint instead. You will paint on part of your canvas & pour on the rest. The results are always surprising & unique. You’ve got to give this a whirl, we believe you’ll really love it!



…See you at the pARTy!


Paintings – and Painting Parties – make great GIFTS!

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